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269 arlington ave
kensington, ca 94707
CAFE: 510-525-3900
CATERING: 510-525-2757

Contact Marc & Trish at:  269thearlington@ix.netcom.com

For catering inquiries please include the kind of event, date and time of event, location and estimated guest count so we can send you a sample menu.


Both Marc and Trish are both originally from the east coast, he from western MA and she from Philadelphia. Marc has worked in the restaurant business and most recently in health care and Trish worked over ten years in marketing for the Gap. This restaurant is a dream come true and way for them to do what they love and spend more time with their family. Best of all is their commute- Marc and Trish live on The Arlington with their always hungry children, Sage, 19 years old, Aidan, 16, and Hadley 13, and their dogs Ryder and Blake.


Client List includes

  • Janet Napolitano, University of California, President
  • Cal-Haas School of Business, Berkeley
  • Cal-College of Letters and Science, Berkeley
  • Cal-College of Journalism, Berkeley
  • Cal-Department of Landscape Architecture, Berkeley
  • Scott Brothers Entertainment/Property Brothers
  • Restoration Hardware, Corte Madera
  • Nestle, Oakland
  • HBO Films, San Francisco
  • Clif Bar, Emeryville
  • Kaiser, Oakland
  • Children’s Hospital, Oakland
  • Macy’s, SF
  • Berkeleyside, Berkeley
  • Chabot Space and Science, Oakland
  • Ducks Nest Pre School, Berkeley
  • Black Pine Circle School, Berkeley
  • Prospect Sierra School, El Cerrito
  • Kensington Elementary School, Kensington
  • Korematsu Middle School, El Cerrito
  • El Cerrito High School. El Cerrito
  • Kensington Police Department, Kensington
  • Sierra Club, Berkeley
  • Glen Price Group, El Cerrito
  • California Audubon Society, Berkeley
  • Berkeley Opera, Berkeley
  • Alameda County Public Health Department, Oakland
  • City of Richmond, Richmond
  • JCC, Berkeley
  • Spurs/El Cerrito Futbol Club, El Cerrito
  • El Cerrito Youth Baseball, El Cerrito
  • Hillside Club, Berkeley
  • Urbanity Style Sharing, Berkeley
  • 4C’s of Alameda
  • Cintas, San Francisco
  • St. Vincent De Paul, San Francisco
  • Bay Area Community Resources, San Rafael
  • Mersey Soccer Club, Berkeley
  • Harding Elementary School, El Cerrito
  • Fairmont Elementary School. El Cerrito
  • Oakland School of The Arts, Oakland

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